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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:42:35 +0100From: Will Brearley Subject: Dream Boy Stevie Part 1The usual stuff, if you're under 21 years of age or erotic fictioninvolving minors is illegal where you live, or if you are offended byunderage homosexual activities, close the webpage now. Neither I nor Niftywill be held responsible for any shitstorm caused by you reading this.Righty ho then. This is a story about a boy I used to go to school with. Hewas a year or two below me, and a few years later I wish I'd donesomething.This story is what I wanted to do at least. Names, Places etc have beenchanged for safety purposes.I knew I was gay since late primary school. I never had feelings forgirls, and as I developed sexually I realised that I had feelings forguys. It was a Catholic school,so I obviously never said anything. When I moved to secondary school,things changed. I came out of the closet, got verbaly abused for it on adaily basis and regretted being alive.I never got a guy - even to this day I have only had two sexual encounters(which I will mention later on). At about year 10, I realised that I mainlyonly liked younger boys.especially one or two particular ones. My favorite was called Stevie. Hewas one of those scene kids, with spiky black gelled hair, and a spikypersonality to match.He was the cutest guy I've ever seen, but he was about 2 years below me atschool so, ondce again, I didnt say anything - the age gap always seems somuch bigger at school!So one day I was in the computer room, "revising" for some impending exams,when the object of my affections strolled in. Needless to say, at that agemy penis had a mind ofits own and decided to jump up to meet him. I kept it under the desk andcarried on working. When I went to print something, Stevie was thereputting some more paper in.He was bending down on the floor, which made his ass press right againsthis trousers, so I could see the outline of his underpants and crack. Andyes, ol' willy woke up at thatmoment (of course). With Stevie bent down, I could see his bulge pressingagainst his trousers (which were clearly a couple of sizes too small).Stevie turned round and clearly noticed the boner I was sporting, and puttwo and two together - he winked at me. Well that was more than enough, andmy dick didn't go down allday.Later on, I was chatting to him on MSN about life and stuff. He had no ideathat I was so besotted with him. I forget the exact chain of events, but weended up talking aboutsexy stuff. I discovered that his cock was about 5-6 inches, that he woretight, short boxerbriefs and that he (almost) had a little sixpack. "brb,dinner", I said. Dinner wasnot where I went!The next day, I was getting changed for games. I'd just finished when I sawStevie. He had stripped down to his tight boxers and was walking around theroom, not getting changed. "odd" I thought..._______________________________________This is where reality ends and mydreamsbegin_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________All events after this line arefictional____________________________________________________________________________________________He beckoned to come into the toilets in the changing room. Of course, Iwent. there was nobody there, and he locked the door shut. He said we weregoing to wait for everyoneto leave. So we were there for a good 10 minutes of me staring at himbefore we heard the games teachers lock the doors to the changing room andleave for their lesson.Stevie turned to me. I was sporting my obvious boner, and he looked at itand smiled. "You really like me, don't you?""yeah. I feel like I shouldn't though, cos you're like 2 years younger"And then he said "I'd prefer an older boy to one my age"WOW. We were clearly made to be together. "So do you want to do anythingthen?" The boldness of this kid is part of what turns me on so much abouthim.And, like an idiot, I said "We should probably take it slower, I guess itsyour first time so I don't want to like rape you or anything"He turned round, and walked out into the changing room. Sixpack,check. that ASS, check. Boner, check. I wanted to get with him so badly.HE asked if I wanted to take his boxers off. I sort of whimpered a bit andpractically ran over to him. I put my hands in the front of the pouch, andfelt his package,which hardened in my hands. After fondling him for a few seconds, I slowlyslid the underpants down his smooth, bandy legs right down to thefloor. And of course, because Iwas bent over, I found myself face to face with his cock. It was about 5inches and about as thick as two of my fingers. He was uncut, and clearlychaved his pubes.I said nothing. Then, I made my move. I started licking and kissing aroundhis balls and base of his cock, which was so hard it was pointing up at anangle! I felt hishot breath on me, Sexy Preteen Models and I got up to look at him. He was totally naked and hada sexy face Sexy Preteen Models on. I nearly jizzed myself right there-especially when hestarted taking my clothes off.So after he'd pulled off my shorts, boxers and top, Sexy Preteen Models we were both naked. Ifelt his hand on my cock and closed my eyes in ecstasy. He said somethinglike "This is bigger than mine,it looks about 7 inches! Looks tasty......" So I pushed him down to thefloor on his front. His ass was the cutest thing EVER - really round andmuscular! I turned him overonto his back and knelt down above him. I knew what we both wanted to Sexy Preteen Models do. Iturned, and took his stiff cock into my mouth. "its so warm andwet...mmm...oh god" He moaned.I bobbed up and down, working my tongue around the sensitive parts of hisdick, and felt something. Stevie was sucking my cock. and WELL. I startedhumping his face, and he didthe same to me. It was the hottest thing ever. He began to shake and moanlouder, and a tiny drop of clear cum squirted into my mouth. Salty anddelicious it was, what littlethere was of it. He let my dick slide out of his lips for a moment Sexy Preteen Models andasked if I was going to shoot in his mouth. He looked kind of worried, soinstead I turned back to face him.Kneeling above his tight packed stomach I jacked myself off, and with thesituation I was in in didnt take long to blow my strings straight over thatsixpack of his.The best cum I've ever had. We hugged, and then went to shower together.In the shower, I slapped his ass a few times and he boned up again. Iwashed in his crack and rubbed my hardon in between his tight cheeks - butI thought I should take it slow.So I settled for rubbing and full-body contact for the rest of that shower,and then we dried each other off, got dressed and went to out to nextlessons before anyone noticed usmissing.Well I'd fallen in love. I'd given Stevie a blowjob, and he'd sucked mydick as well. I was pretty happy.That night I dreamed of things. sexy things, and woke up with my cum allover Sexy Preteen Models me. whoops.* * * * *I didnt see Stevie for a few days. I thought I'd scared him off by takingit too fast and I was really pissed off until about a week later, when Iwas at the school swimmingpool after school. I was doing some technical set up for a concert in theevening, so I'd decided to stick around and kill some time while nobody wasaround. I was doing lengthsin my black speedo, and starting to feel a little out of breath, when Inoticed the boy wonder standing by Sexy Preteen Models the door. He was clad in an almostidentical speedo.....MY SPARE PAIR!"What you doing with my speedos Stevie?!""Dunno, I just feel kind of horny wearing someone else's." and he was! hisrod was clearly outlined flat to the right!I climbed out of the pool and we talked for a bit about how we felt. Hesaid that he kind of liked the blowjobs we had done, but that he didnt wantanyone to find out,he had a rep to hold up and he didnt want everyone knowing he was gay. Iwas fine with that, and drew attention to the saveloy pulsing in hiscrotch. He grinned, and pulleddown the speedo, allowing it to stick straight up. It didn't even bobaround, it was solid!* * * * *More to cum boys and girls!
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